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CTCS specializes in Traffic Control Services for construction projects and special events throughout the state of Georgia,South CarolinaTennessee, & Alabama in which we are a Certified DBE.  Using sophisticated computer systems we provide Traffic Control Plans for lane, street and freeway closures.

We are dedicated to quality and operational excellence.  We have successfully satisfied the most demanding of client requirements by providing fast and accurate traffic plans, state-of-the-art equipment, traffic signage, as well as experienced, cooperative traffic control personnel.

  • Construction – From lane closures adjacent to building construction to pipeline projects to freeway construction, CTCS offers a variety of tools to keep traffic flowing smoothly without interrupting the work zone.
  • Special Events – At some time or another every community has cause to celebrate and CTCS is there to help you accommodate parades, marathons, road races, block parties, auto shows and fundraisers. Got an emergency closure of streets or neighborhoods due to unforeseen disaster? We’re here to help with an emergency response.
  • Motion Pictures/Commercials – CTCS can work with Motion Picture Companies and commercial video producer to funnel traffic around production locations, reserve parking for production vehicles and provide necessary notifications to area residents and businesses.
  • TMA Rentals:

We are sensitive to the inconvenience factor associated with traffic lane closures and detours, working closely with local authorities to minimize disruption for affected drivers while maximizing productivity associated with each and every event.

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- Alabama

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